Expert Doctors from China coming to Biyunakademin 25-26/9

A unique opportunity!
Invitation to lectures / diagnostics /treatment by expert doctors from China 25-26/9

At Biyunakademins Wellness Center in Solna / Stockholm

Take the opportunity to listen to / be diagnosed and treated by expert doctors from China 25-26/9 2017 Biyunakademin has invited doctors from both Hebei Yiling Hospital and partly from Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanchang.

Hebei Yiling Hospital is a large modern hospital that combines Chinese and Western medicine and is linked to several universities. A lot of research and development of new medicines and therapies for many diseases here, bl.a. circulatory diseases such as heart disease and diabetes o being treated very successful and based on new theories. Patients come to the hospital for treatment of a 30 countries.
Among the doctors from the hospital who visit us are also hospitalized with head.
Read more about Yiling Hospital here.


From Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will prophesy. Chen Ri xin is the founder of a method called the moxa “heat sensitive moxibustion” we use the wellness center and spread much in hospitals in China today. It is a newly developed method has proven very effective for many different problems. Info om Moxa.



Chen Rixin, born in November 1956, chief physician of TCM, professor, doctoral supervisor, acupuncturemoxibustion expert, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He has been engaged in the inheritance and innovation of moxibustion for ages, putting forward the “acupoint sensitisation theory”, founding the “heat-sensitive moxibustion therapy”, and substantially enhancing the clinical efficacy of moxibustion. This new technology has been put into use in 27 provinces and autonomous regions in China, initially shaping the pattern of ”northern Tianjin is known for acupuncture, southern Jiangxi is known for moxibustion”. Professor Chen is proficient in applying heat-sensitive moxibustion therapy to various diseases like stroke(cerebral infarction),arthralgia(cervical vertebra disease),lumbago disease (lumbar disc herniation), facial paralysis (facial neuritis), knee arthralgia disease (osteoarthritis of the knee) and other clinical difficult diseases, achieving favourable effects.

Chen Ming Ren, born in September 1960, Jiangxi Nanchang people, Master of Medicine, Professor, director of Chinese medicine practitioners. He is currently the vice president of Jiangxi College of TCM, Jiangxi College of TCM Hospital, vice president of Chinese Medicine Association, Jiangxi Province, vice president of Integrative Medicine.

In recent years, he has undertaken the research work of the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangxi Province. He has published one monograph and 1 editor in chief. He has published more than 10 papers in the national core journals. One of them has been awarded the “Chinese Medicine Association” Application and Academic Research Paper Award “second prize.

Mei Jianqiang plays a role of professor, master supervisor, deputy secretary of party committee of Hebei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Personal profile
Title: Professor of Chief Physician
Position: Associate Dean of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
The second batch academic successor of distinguished veteran doctors of TCM in Hebei province; the member of permanent committee of emergency branch of CACM (China Association of Chinese Medicine); the member of Emergency Medical Committee of CAIM (Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine).

Professional expertise: He is good at treatment of emergency medical critically disease by playing the advantages of combining Chinese and Western medicine, Such as coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction, gastrointestinal bleeding, shock and so on. He is good at treatment of exogenous fever, insomnia, depression, headache, dizziness, chronic gastritis, colitis, functional gastrointestinal disease by using Chinese medicine therapy.

Yu Chunquan, doctor of medicine, researcher, doctoral tutor, the current director of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine editorial director.

He is now part of Tianjin TV City Channel “Food New Meteorology” program Chinese medicine health experts, Tianjin Health Planning Commission “Health Lecture Hall” speaker experts, Tianjin Health Planning Commission “Health Week” health column feed experts.

At the same time part-time Association of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of professional committee executive director of the Association of Chinese Medicine Association of Chiba Branch Standing Committee, Tianjin Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tianjin Institute of Integrative Medicine and other staff.

At present, mainly engaged in traditional Chinese medicine syndrome and Chinese medicine treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease research. Has a stable research direction and bear a number of national issues.

Program 25-27/9 2017

  • MAN 25/9: pM 14-17.00: Diagnosis doctors from Yiling Hospital. Biyunakademins staff provides late treatment based on diagnosis led by Fan Xiulan.
  • MAN 25/9: pM 17-19.00: Yilings hospital director lecture on the treatment of Alzheimer's, sleeping problems, pain problems, indigestion, leversjukdomar, eye diseases, urination problems and menopausal. Note that the lecture is in English.
  • Tis 26/9: pM 11-14.00: Treatment with moxa of doctors from Jiangxi University of traditional chinese medicine
  • Tis 26/9: pM 14-16.30: Prof. Chen Ri-xin lecture the treatment of alzheimers, heart and kidney problems, infertility, o pain sleep problems using “heat sensitive moxibustion”.
    Note that the lecture is in English.
  • Tis 26/9: pM 18.00: Opening of the Northern Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You can participate as listeners. Register your if you want to attend
  • Note! The lectures will be interpreted into English, but the opening is also interpreted to Swedish.Note! To you with information about activity also on Wednesday 27/9 they changed the Chinese delegation's program and can not attend, but Biyunakademin offers behandlngar and try between the hours 11-15.
  • A day's lecture, including diagnosis / treatment 500 kr.
  • Two days of lectures including a diagnosis / treatment 800 kr.
Registration for Biyunakademin: , 08-526 94 111.
NOTE limited number of participants and treatments.


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