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DSCF1519_editThe man's methods are the core of China 5000 year-old knowledge of the man's health. It can enhance the quality of life even in Nordic men.

When man is born, he has significant elements of steadfast courage! But with increased stress, lack of sunshine, inadequate diet and poor control of his emotions, he is nervous, scared and annoyed. The men lose their bold, brave and handsome masculine energy. This is however possible to solve with optimism, tolerance and gratitude.

Middle-aged men are susceptible to mood swings because of household chores and heavy tasks. When men experience anger, mood swings, drama and tension increases their secretion of adrenaline. Heart rate, blood pressure and blood circulation in imbalance and physiological functions of various organs are disturbed. This may in turn cause ulcers, Hypertension, coronary artery disease and multiple diseases.

Good health effects of man's methods include reduced heart- and kidney problems, improved quality of life, self-confidence and well-being. Lack of sunlight in the Nordic countries is the main factor for ill health.

When your heart is full of sunshine, happiness and joy lightens the psychological pressure, which in turn improves men's sexual function leading to a harmonious and happy sex life. This is good for the body and brings joy, Health and longevity. The man's methods is recommended as a daily exercise to maintain a strong partner relationship.

mannen_3.jpgWhen the man filled 30 and is approaching middle age, can the burden on the shoulders felt heavier than for younger men. The body no longer feels as strong as before, and it becomes easier tired. It has responsibility for both the family and society, while it is often much stress at work. It stays awake despite fatigue, the tension and when it settles, it is hard to fall asleep. This condition can lead to depression and pain. The colorful hair you had as a 20-year-old begins to thin out and become gray colored.

In China, it is said that a young man with health is rich, why should middle-aged men invest more in their health. If you do not do it at an early stage, it can li very costly later to try to buy their health. Finally, there may be no help to buy. If you instead choose to be active and work out man's Methods 30 minutes a day, can maintain an enjoyable lifestyle and balanced state of mind. Exercise combined with a balanced diet means that middle-aged men can keep a young body, full of positive energy!

Those practicing Biyun method man's methods can reap good fruits in the following areas:

man methodsA. The man's methods do you naturally relaxed and helps you create good habits. For example, eating vegetarian food, with vegetables, fruits and legumes, nuts and much more. This not only improves a man's sexual function, but also increases the body's absorption of various important trace elements that are beneficial to health. It also leads to the effective weight, which in turn reduces the risk of obesity, cardiac- disease and diabetes.

B. The man's methods is a very good and beneficial physical activity. It protects middle-aged men's physical energy and prevents fatigue. Especially for men who prefer to just lie on the couch, it is important to train the man's methods. It is also good with walking, jogging, and other physical exercise to improve their physical fitness and immune system. You get rid of excess energy and get stable body weight. But too intensive training and some sports may be harmful to health, that prolonged cycling in wet and cold weather. Such should be avoided as far as possible. Varför då? Jo, you need to always remember to protect the testicles and perineum from the weather.

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