Food as Medicine

My dear friends!

Do you know if what you eat each day is healthy food or poison?

Do you know that all foods have different effects on the body, rind, cold, warm, moisturizing?
Food colors and flavors correspond to body organs.

Heart – RED, bitter
Spleen – Gul, sweet
Long – year, spicy
Kidney – Black, salt
Lever – Green, out

For you and your family's health is important to know which foods are healthy to eat.
Ill health can be of long-term consumption of food that gives an acidification of the body. It is important to eat more alkaline foods to get a good acid balance.

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Good food and drink, and improves the body's immune system, Biyunakademin offers the 9th May Course in Food as Medicine, according to traditional Chinese medicine

1, Learn the theory of nutritional cooking that prevents various diseases.
2, Learn practical how you cook healthy and tasty vegetarian dishes.

Make it easy to enjoy at the dinner table with family and friends with your health.

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Please spread this information to your friends and take part!

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