Five Elements

After getting a basic approach in the Biyun method, you can dedicate yourself to this method.

Go to the source of the method and get personal instruction of Grandmaster Fan Xiulan to develop your own inner movement method.

And We elements, you will learn to develop your own unique form of training based on the principals of the Five Elements from Traditional Chinese Medicin theory (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). Five Elements is a very profound method - where one learns to reach an inner stillness in motion.

Back in the days in China this method was only taught secretely between Master and disciple, but Fan Xiulan brings this powerful and health bringing method to everyone. During the course attendees get the tools needed to develop their own intuitive capacity and gather life energy (Qi) according to their own needs.

The methodology is considered to be the most effective of all methods to remove the most serious imbalances and diseases, as well as develop your hidden potentials. In this course, you learn the basic concepts of the Five Elements theory, and also deepens their understanding and practice of the Holy Methods.