Dali, China

Meditationsresa 9-16 Nov 2018 along with the Grand Master Fan Xiulan a unique journey into force places Dali, Yunan Province of China.

Why Dali?

"Once in a lifetime, all true meditation practitioners visit Dali

Dali in Yunan Province in southwest China is an ancient spiritual and cultural center of high cultures both from India and Tibet. The mountain outside the city called New Life Port ochbeskrivs as a unique power spot, which raises inherent abilities when visitors meditate there.

The city Dali Located on the shores of a large lake, known as an ancient cultural stronghold already in the Tang Dynasty and is also famous for its tens of thousands of seagulls that are said to come in order to reach enlightenment.

One of the historical Buddha's personal disciples went back and said to wait for the future (future) Buddhas kraft. In the old temple said that a second birth occurs if the visitor takes the time to stop, calm down and meditate on the mountain. Hence the name New Life Port Hill.

Therefore, this is one of the most valued places in China for meditation practitioners. Practitioners has created harmony of the spheres, painted inspired artwork, and achieved new insight and depth in its stillness practice. It is said that even the mushrooms that grow in the forest occupies the site's wisdom and a meal with them is food as medicine at its best - saturating the body and soul.

Welcome to our meditation journey to Dali!

Day 1,

Departure by plane from Stockholm / Arlanda at 18.20
Meals and film board.
Day 2,

Arrival in Beijing at 09:40 in the morning. Continued flight to Dali. Lunch on the flight.

Arrival Dali. A bus meets and takes us to the hotel, check, dinner and late-needed rest.


Day 2 till 6 i Dali

During these days we spend in total 2 full days
the study and practice of meditation as Biyun, med Grand Master Fan Xiulan.
(a plurality excursions, the nedan)

These days, includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 3,

  • Meditation
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • We have an introduction, get to know the hotel
    and surroundings.
  • Meditationskurs
  • Excursion

Day 4,

  • Meditation
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Travel Nyalivetsport mountain
  • Meditation Course and training on the mountain
  • Overnight at the hostel on the mountain


Day 5,

  • Meditation
  • Breakfast on the mountain.
  • Meditation Course and training on the mountain
  • Travel back to town


Day 6,

  • . Meditation
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • Meditationskurs
  • Excursion

Day 7,

  • . Meditation
  • Breakfast at hotel.
  • own time


Day 8, i PEKING

  • Meditation in the morning
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Transfer to airport.
  • The flight back to Beijing in the morning.
  • Visiting our hotel in Beijing. / Flights to Sweden


We discover Beijing during the day and connects to the large group the next day or Hainanresan

we say goodbye to China this time, and the bus will take us to the airport, where we go on the Air China flight returning pm 13:50 and arrives at Stockholm / Arlanda at 16.30 the same day.

The tour price
10 650 SEK + 7 400 Chinese Yuan. 10 650 SEK pays you to China Travel for your flight ticket, etc.. 7 400 Yuan converted to SEK is paid to Biyun Academy which is forwarded to the Chinese travel agency. per person, del i dubbelrum. Note! This price is valid if you return 16/11!

If you travel further also to Hainan will cost flights 8 550 SEK + an add-on 4 500 SEK. Total cost for travel even to Hainan words 11 050 SEK + 21 900 Chinese Yuan.

(Flight 8 550 SEK + 4 500 SEK, Dali 7 400 Chinese Yuan + Hainan 14 500 Chinese Yuan)

minus 1000 SEK discount for those who go on both Dali 9-16/11 + Hainan 16-30/11!

Note! If needed a part of the travel cost can be set up as part payment.

For registration and further information,
Please contact Göran Jakobsson as soon as possible
via e-mail or
leave a message on the answering machine.

Note! Limited number of participants.

Welcome to contact us!
Kinaresa Nov 2018

Contact: Göran Jakobsson
070-712 24 64

e-post goran.jakobsson@biyun.HE Biyun Academy 08-526 94 111.

With reservation for changes.

(We reserve the right to make program changes, or else if necessary.)