Glastonbury, England

The Tor – the hill with the tower which, among other things said to symbolize the contact between heaven and earth, a place for power charging and insight.

The pretty little town of Glastonbury is well known internationally by people who are interested in energy-enriching places on earth. According to Fan Xiulan's Glastonbury "a place on the planet that has the ability to open people's hearts". The place is like the heart or the heart chakra Dan Tian.

We had a wonderful first trip in May 2016, who gave us the inspiration for a two-day long trip. As the interest was so great that we have added two trips 2017.

Our travel arrangements are visiting Glastonbury 29/8-3/9. We go on Tuesday arrives and quarter us etc., so we'll Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday to visit the most important and beautiful power spots, known and unknown, where we together with Fan Xiulan can open up and come into contact with both a deeper flow of the site as well as in our internal.


The wonderful sources that convey the vitality of the Gate out to the whole Glastonbury and where the source flows into a paradisiacal garden, where we made a single treatment with fresh spring water, meditated and got in touch with our inner stillness.

Course with Fan Xiulan with the teaching of different health practices, guide that shows and tells of force are also included.