Hainan, China

No trip planned at present.

Join Grandmaster Fan Xiulan & Niko Nygren to Beijing and the South Sea to Chinas most southern province, Hainan.

Theme: Dolphin Power and Chinese health practices in the Sun, Sea & Heat.

The trip will begin in Beijing, Xiangshan province where the health home that Fan Xiulan used to run resides. After that we go to Hainan, the Sotuh Sea island that forms Chinas most southern province. Here we will enjoy a fairytale like mixture of southern Chinese culture, food, course with Fan Xiulan and Niko Nygren, plus some of the most beautiful and powerful places on Hainan. The beautiful Guan Yin temples in Nanshang-park and of course sun bathing and swimming, possibilty for health treatmens etc.. etc..

If this sounds exciting? Let us know if you are interested and we will send you more information.

Price: 8 550 SEK + 14 500 Chinese Yuan. 8 550 kr you pay to the airline for your flight ticket.
14 500 Yuan converted to SEK is paid to Biyun Academy which is forwarded to the Chinese travel agency. Price per person, a part of a double room.
Note! If needed a part of the travel cost can be set up as part payment.

Notify us of interest (non comitting) to get more information, let us know at:
Biyun Academy: 08-526 94 111, info@biyun.se