Retreat - a chance to heightened awareness of Maud Simmingskiöld

Why go on retreat? What is the impact retreat at one's consciousness?

Let me start with awareness, what is it?

If instead I use the word mindfulness go up a light for most because it is now a popular expression.

But what does it mean?

Different interpretations are. One is conscious. If you spread the word consciousness, you get three words, to - know - spirit. This could mean that a person who practices mindfulness know or understand the context better because she / he allow his spirit to be with in everyday life, and guide.

Within Biyun method are different operating methods and all who practice these methods know how good your body feels after a pass. In addition to these methods, Fan Xiulan developed gentle methods. We are probably many who trains still practices at home and get to experience inner peace and also receive messages from the universe. Certainly, it is even more who have the good intention to exercise, but for various reasons, priority is different, so it stops at the tank.
To give yourself the opportunity to go away on retreat and, together with other practicing gentle methods are a priceless gift.
Imagine that you are in a wonderfully, quiet natural setting and with like-minded in silence relax and let your spirit be heard. Some find it difficult, sometimes even a bit uncomfortable not to talk. Be calm, there is nothing wrong with you, but it is the ego that makes itself felt, and certainly do not want to let the spirit take over. Therefore the ego produces a variety of thoughts and musts that the hope we will devote ourselves to, Instead of slipping into silence, ego incidentally hates. But if you are hardworking and select's the way you can go into the silence, and in this moment of tranquility to experience other worlds you might have read or heard about, and which now becomes your reality.

Life is full of paradoxes, it's just when you relax, Still their thoughts and have a positive expectation, as a jubilant feeling of joy and incredible clarity and beauty arises. At that moment one would even be able to die and it would not matter, because everything is so perfect. Now I do not mean to go on a retreat to die, but only that the experience you get is so rare and wonderful that everything else pales in comparison.
When several people are still practicing techniques together occurs due to group dynamics a tremendous and beautiful energy field, something that you yourself have been difficult to achieve. In the silence is also created emotions and bands of community among participants, precisely because our souls are heard and communicate heart to heart, without words, as they did for the ancient times.

What I value most is that the entire retreat is under Fan Xiulan management. To be allowed to stay in her loving energy field is something I thank the universe for. How many are given the opportunity? Through her presence, I understand that greater understanding is within reach even for me and my friends who exercise still practices because she had come so far in his spiritual development. It is wonderful to experience how Fan Xiulan on its soft, varma och omtänksamma sätt förmedla sina insikter till oss och att hon önskar oss bara det bästa.

I sommar ger Fan Xiulan och Biyunakademin sina elever möjlighet att delta på antingen tre dagar eller fem dagars retreat på kursgården i Örbyhus, från den 15 till och med den 19 August. Jag kommer påbörja höstterminen med att unna mig tre dagars retreat, eftersom att jag är värd det. Observera att det finns begränsat antal platser så först till kvarn gäller.

Well met!

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