What Chinese medicine has given Lollo Wernäng?


That day 1978 my father got lung cancer and no remedy was to find. He had 14 days to live. I began to look for alternative methods of treatment. Began to study Herbs, vitamins minerals, read everything to find something that could stop the disease progression. I got in contact with many talented therapists, who told how to eat, which vitamins, and how one would think that the body would regain its vitality.

Then I met a man who read Chinese and studied Chinese Medicine. When he told me that in Chinese medicine originated for about 5000 years ago and that it took into account the whole person, that there was a relationship to the weather, the food we ate and our thoughts. That it was important not to give any focus on the disease, but looked forward to practice operating methods, meditate was equally important for recovery.

I started reading books, om Kina och Traditionell Kinesisk Medicin som Ted J Kaptchuk Chinese Medicine The Web that has no Weaver. Then understood that one can not treat a human with just medicine, it was necessary to treat the whole person, Also see the environment around and was thinking,s focus was. To be more right brain, sjunga, Dance, paint. Become empty in the head.

My father changed her diet according to what I had read in the Chinese books, he was vegetarian, you spirade Vete, be sure to bacteriefloran in the intestine would feel good. Drank hot teas, and he found joy in life, for his pains disappeared. He thought only of things that made him happy, so his heart would be strong, and kept warm on the body and feet, just as it was in the Chinese books. Father had lived 1 1/2 years with his cancer, when doctors from Lung Hospital wrote that he could start chemotherapy now when he felt so good that he gjorde.Efter the father agreed to be treated with chemotherapy, he died only about 1 week after.

I had begun to realize that a person's imbalances, or diseases that we have given the name of the Västerlänsk medicine had very depths of the human soul.

So I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Acupuncture 1982 and was clear 1986. As it then was no TCM Acupuncture Association who had at least 3 years of education and Western background. We started that went out this class, Swedish Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. And we worked on getting TCM Acupuncture to be approved in Sverige.1987 I went to Nanjing to work and study more in Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Acupuncture.

It was the start and happiness to my continued years of working with Chinese Medicine. It was so different to be on the Chinese hospital than to sit in Sweden and read. Now it was in an entirely different way. You got to work with patients who were used by TCM Acupuncture. My youngest patient was only 6 years and had påskjuka. In Sweden you can not treat children as young. I would relieve her pain. When I took and put my hand on her forehead, she fell weeping to her father's despair. They were so calm and showed no emotion as mkt.

I Nanjing 1987 we got to meet the operating methods, Tai Qi Juan i alla parker. In China, had not then begun to dance, so we had to teach doctors to dance. They thought this was great fun. We laughed and danced for a small tape recorder we had taken with us.

1989 we were part of Behörighetskommiten,s report in connection with that we had sought identification of TCM Acupuncturists. We got no ID when, for they did not think we had enough Västerlänsk Research on the subject. Without that we had to come back.

Swedish Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, decided that we would start to do business methods. It was important that we had a very strong energy Qi, when we'd treat patients.

1991-1992 we got in contact with Niko Nyberg to invite Fan Xiulan where she would show us Biyun method. It was very appreciated. The loose vitality in Fan Xiulan when she stood and showed us the movements. We had this course in Timmele of Jalle,s wellness. Jalle had also been involved in China, where he also filled in. And we would arrange the cake there. Only it was a trip in itself. In Nanjing China were then, two different currencies that you had to switch to on the streets. We wanted to have their currency and people in China wanted our tourist exchange. So they could trade goods fridge and freezer, and move to other provinces.

This was my first meeting with Fan Xiulan, på Jalles,s wellness in Timmele. So after this first course, I continued to train Biyun method and meditation.

I, as President of the Federation worked, together with the other members to get together all the Acupuncture Association to. This we succeeded in the end 90 the number. It was then Swedish Association Acupuncture Traditional Chinese Medicine started. All had to study up on their knowledge that they lacked, in TCM and in medicine Västerlänsk.

I went of my presidency later due to private events in my life just before 2000. It was enough they 15 years I had worked as chairman, Members of both unions. And today there are many great people who have taken over the staffetpinnen and operates the matter to the approval of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I have since the first day I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine has been out and lectured about how man and nature is a. That we must uphold our energies both inside and outside. To be a kind man. With good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

That our feelings have a relation to the internal organs and muscles. To our mind's creation. Listening to the heart so you get a balance between heart and brain. There is no blood pressure medication we need, but understand that the love and the joy that is in the heart. That when the pressure goes up, it is something that heart tells us. Being able to sort out and understand and deal with
Herbs, movement training, TCM Acupuncture to get our soul in balance.

Now that I have worked with TCM Acupuncture with the Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 30 years of private practice and participated in lots of different newspapers where they wrote about Chinese Medicine, and movement training. I also understand that it is never finished. You have to practice and practice Chinese Medicine in life. Being able to learn to listen to the pulses and see on the tongue, consider the whole person. Be able to make a diagnosis in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine is a big part of my life. And movement training, eat real food and being a good person.

I have trained Sports Masseurs and Massage Therapists in over 20 years together with SISU / West Riksidrottsförbundet. All had to learn movement training also. They did not understand at first why, but many years later telephoned many of them. And said to me,. Now we understand why we would learn Biyun the health preservation method. They had felt very tired of their practices and had understood that a muscle problems can have completely different reasons than they originally thought. They thought it was just a muscle was too short, or that the nerves were pinched who did that they got hurt.

Today 2015 when Chinese Medicine won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, I can feel an inner joy that finally, I hope that more people open their eyes to this amazing medicine and philosophy.

And now I also have met with Fan Xiulan and gone all the instructor trainings for her last years, feels that the wheel has gone round, since the first time I met her 1991-1992. Everything has a meaning.

With the love and strength that Fan Xiulan working on anchoring Biyunmetoderna of all people, needed a big heart.

Today I am still working with Chinese Medicine and lectures, for more people to open their eyes to the whole Heaven. Person, Land. For now the quantum physics, and its studies of black matter and black energy caught up so my dream that I should do a reality. Is that all older people should be out o train with utegym and to movement training. And that should be common to all schools and kindergartens that there is movement training so we can get a very good world to grow up in. Where we take into account each other.

Chinese medicine has given me the tools and knowledge how this could be made possible.

I thank the many years of Chinese philosophy and the medicine that has shaped me, the woman I am today. I have a strong desire to transform my many years of expertise in traditional Chinese medicine to the wisdom of all the people.


So my deeper inner journey has begun now, after 35 YEARS OF CHINESE MEDICINE.


I thank you most humbly that I have had the opportunity to learn how to let the viability return, med TCM Akupunktur, Herbs and Biyunmetoderna.

TCM Akupunktör
Lollo Wernäng


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