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2017/12/26 – CHEN XUEFEI

A grateful feeling, a journey of love, a little-known story.

Inscription – Swedish flowers

I never imagined, I will get a rare disease – Susac’s syndrome.

This is a mere 240 cases of the world with head lesions and symptoms of imbalance and photophobia. Even worse, I was caught in extreme panic and desperation because of the stroke and arm problems that Susac’s syndrome had brought.

In the struggle with the disease, I thought of our traditional Chinese medicine. Because not included in the Swedish medical insurance system, Chinese medicine patients still have to pay with their own money. However, seeking medical advice, I turned to Chinese medicine and it gave me a sense of security in the country of Chinese medicine.

Once in the WeChat group I by chance found that a ” Nordic Chinese Medicine Center” was established, I decided to go try.

The Nordic TCM Center is listed at Biyun TCM Academy. Biyun Academy is a private school run by Fan Xiulan. It has been open the past 25 years.

In the past 25 years, Fan Xiulan transferred the health of Biyun to Sweden, Norway, Germany, France and the United States . Her book ”Biyun Health” has been translated into Swedish, Norwegian, German and English. Her Biyun students live all over the world, and are all foreigners.

I came out from the Swedish hospital was tired and in the dark part of the year started the ”acupuncture” and ”heat moxibustion” treatment. Western medicine has more emphasis on the disease, the lesions eliminated on the finished matter; and Chinese medicine considers the whole, the need to regulate systemic blood flow. Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, ”acupuncture” ”heat moxibustion” rehabilitation treatment, coupled with a variety of exercises, I think it is the most perfect combination of Chinese and Western medicine.
















Fan Xiulan is a smart woman, she made Biyun health today, by what motto?: ”Let everyone be healthy!” Hearing this sentence, a thousand words are unable to speak in my throat, my eyes full of tears.

The highest level of Chinese medicine in the East is the unity of nature and man. Sister Fan said: people who do acupuncture, hand is with qi (life energy), when the needle enters the body with the extension of qi, qi and needles are seamless. Whenever you have gotten ”acupuncture” and ” heat moxibustion”, whole body relaxed, life seems to have returned to the origin.

The cognition of life is the human light radiating from the inside out.

Thanksgiving all met, I feel grateful! Imbalance of yin and yang led to a serious illness, and now more precious life! I have come out from the sick, looking at the blue sky of northern Europe.

Facing the place where the sun rises, bathing with Biyun health meyhod.

”Heaven is good, gentleman self-improvement.”
The unity of heaven and man, there must be a co-existence, the world is a whole.
The Nordic people have a deeper understanding of human health.

Sun Earth Life, is this not the essence of Eastern Chinese medicine, qi, the picture of the divine?

Health regardless of the country, regardless of race. Sister Fan Xiulan brought health into the world, under her leadership trained a large number of people that love Chinese medicine, becoming fascinated of Chinese medicine industry, and they devote themselves to Chinese medicine research and learning .

Her interpretation of life and nature :

The real achievement in life is not how high your popularity is, but in the real happiness of life. Not in the amount of assets you have, but to enhance your true understanding of the universe of the world’s secrets to find a true and continuous upgrading of spirituality and enhanced intelligence. Go to improve your potential in stillness!

When you devote yourself to the Biyun retreat, you will be in a happy state. When we are in this state, you will not be concerned about what other people think of you, and you are far from all kinds of things and have real physical and psychological freedom. Back to the childhood of Hyung by the true happiness of life! — Fan Xiulan Footprints of water, Fan Xiulan’s footsteps never stopped, to teach the Nordic Biyun health method is her life all .

Chinese has brought to humanity blessing! Nowadays, many countries have integrated Chinese medicine into the health and healthcare system. I believe that with the joint efforts of Chinese medicine practitioners in Sweden, it will not be far off.

Biyun health! Is dedicated to the world’s most beautiful gift!

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