What is traditional Chinese medicine given Maud Simmingskiöld?

What is traditional Chinese medicine has given me?

It has given me a lot! Men, let me start from the beginning. Ever since I was an au pair in Germany in the early 1980s and our family doctor was a homeopath, I have been interested for medicines from plants. I think Mother Earth's natural containing cure for all ills, you just have to figure out which plant is good against what, and to extract the right ingredients. What the Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine Tu Youyou managed to do.

Synthetically produced drugs is often difficult or unwelcome side effects, while herbal remedies do not have it. Obviously creating ingestion of herbal medicine a reaction in the body and this I regard as a natural cleansing. The body gets rid of substances that do not want to have, so even single doctor can begin the reconstruction of the body's cells so they will come back into balance.

Once when I had a high fever for several days, I favor the Fan Xiulan came to me and gave me both natural medicine, the akupunktur. Guess what happened? A few hours later, the temperature had fallen to 37,5 grader Celcius. What happiness, She is absolutely stunning!

Some of the traditional Chinese medicine is to practice mobility training. I learned Jichu Gong in Biyun method for more than 20 years ago. The reason was a back injury, too often made itself felt and gave me back pain. I started training diligently, one year I trained every day for 360 dagar, only missed 5 days and since then I have been spared lumbago.

Nowadays, I spend most time on the stationary methods, because I want to become more aware and get in touch with my own inner wisdom, Love, truth and peace.

Lastly, Traditional Chinese Medicine is nowadays an important part of my life, I simply hold on and integrates into myself the wisdom Fan Xiulan conveys. The unusual and fascinating experiences I now receive, Maybe not daily, but very often, makes me want to argue that life is magical!

Maud Simmingskiöld
Instructor in the Pacific Methods

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