General regarding participation on the internet

Welcome to participate in the Biyuna Academy's online courses!

Biyuna Academy holds seminars and classes in Zoom meeting, so you can participate from home or wherever you are as long as you have an online connection. Use your computer or phone together with the Zoom app to participate in the teaching.

To gain access, you first make a payment with PayPal and then you get a meeting link on your email. You will find a payment link in the Calendar during each course, if the course is not given online, it will appear in the same place.

If the class involves learning a movement method, you need a webcam to participate, so that we can look at your progress as you learn the movements. However, if the class is purely theoretical, or a meditation course, no webcam is needed.

We schedule time for questions, so if something is unclear during the lectures, please write down your question and save it for question time.

Lectures will be held in Mandarin with translation into Swedish.

Meeting link is sent by e-mail no later than one hour before the start of the course.

Recording is not allowed, copy or share the Biyuna Academy's lectures / music / course materials unless otherwise stated.

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