Nice feedback on Inspiration evening 15 april 2021

It was so fun and nice to read all the feedback we received from the evening lecture on April 15th. 80 participants and it was just positive and loving messages! I want to share a number of these, anonymous of course.

Love to meditate together! Helps me with focus and inner experience!

A wonderful mediation. Be filled with love
Thank you for a wonderful evening with you

Feels light and warmth in mind and body after meditation:) Thank you so much for this evening of knowledge and love!

What a wonderful evening with so much positive and loving energy Thank you very much !

Thank you so much for a fantastically nice and very inspiring evening!

The first meditation was pleasant and the second meditation was very strong, intense and at the same time pleasant and rewarding. They were both extremely necessary in my journey of change. <3 <3 <3

The meditation made me feel harmonious. The quiet Qigong, after the meditation course, feels like a good method.

Thank you for a nice evening that gave a nice emptiness and peace inside.

Strong sense of gratitude- cried quietly almost all the time… fingers felt big,hot lumps. Did not want to come back.

Thanks for a wonderful evening, and an exciting theme. Meditation did good for the body. A delicious feeling afterwards. Much love , warmth and wisdom.

Great meditations. Felt a very strong soothing light that rested in the heart and spread throughout the body. Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring wonderful evening! Hugs from my heart.

Fantastic meditation, good contact with glaston burry and a greater understanding and little ego's influence on me. Felt like I understood something deeper about it. Tack.

light that became one with everything inside me and outside. Touched and tears flowed still for a while. Heat and vibrations.

Feeling love, silence and strong force that permeate me. Thank you for the power we get when we meditate together. All love to you!

Thank you for two deep beautiful meditations that led us to amazing places! Deep, warm and relaxing! THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for a great evening and lecture, your wonderful energy and kindness. The meditation was very deep and I have got fresh energy now. From the heart thank you.

Many thanks for a wonderful evening lecture! Always inspiring and rewarding to be with.

Valuable reminders of what is essential in life. Also nice to start from these beautiful strong places in nature and the photographs you posted. Tack! Very valuable.

Warm thanks for a wonderful loving evening! Light,
powerful meditation, is still really warm and fulfilled. Strengthens. ❤️

Yes, it is a joy in this time that we can have the opportunity to immerse ourselves, expand our knowledge and gain guidance to inner leadership in a wise and loving way through both of you! Thank you Fan Xiulan and Niko! And Lars for the technical!

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