Wolfberry from Ningxia province, China!

goji001.jpgGoji berries are a dried fruit with a sweet character who has good health effects on the liver and kidney. 'Materia Medica' says the goji berry strengthens bones and protects against cold. Medically it is used to treat yin deficiency in liver and kidney, but also weak knees, yrsel, oblivion, diabetes and many other häslobesvär. Modern studies confirm that the wolfberry can regulate the immune system, can effectively inhibit tumor growth and promote cell renewal. Goji berries can also lower blood cholesterol levels, high blood fats and high blood sugar and to counteract fatty liver. Wolfberry can increase the production of white blood cells, inhibits fat storage in the liver cells and promotes the creation of new liver cells. Goji berries helps against chronic hepatitis, Central retinitis, and atrophy of the optic nerve (optikusatrofi). Wolfberry contains carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin C, vitamin E, an amount of free amino acids, linolsyra, iron, potassium, zink, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients.

goji003.jpgTraditional Chinese medicine says that the goji berry strengthens the liver and is thus also very good for problems related to eyes. Goji berries are also bracing for the kidneys, which strengthens man's sexual functions and treat various women's issues. Lung function is also enhanced by the wolfberry that involves wetting skin properly and get a naturally beautiful glow. Wolfberry is traditionally used for the treatment of vertigo, blurred vision, impotence, nocturnal ejaculation, gray beard and hair, as well as age-related diabetes.

Modern medical studies also confirm gojibärs anti-aging effect and that skin elasticity is improved.

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