Inauguration of the Nordic Chinese TCM Wellness Center in Solna, Sweden

Tuesday 26 september 2017

It is a great honor to announce that Sweden held the inauguration of the Nordic Chinese TKM
Wellness Center on Biyunakademin in Solna.

When the Chinese physician and researcher Tu Youyou in December 2015 Nobel Prize in
Medicine decided the Chinese health authority for traditional medicine that they wanted
disseminating knowledge to the world of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). So far it
created ten wellness around the world. Biyunakademin is proud to have been appointed as the
eleventh wellness center for cooperation with Chinese experts for the spread of TCM in the Nordic

2016 visited the Deputy Minister of the above authority, together with the heads of
Chinese hospitals and pharmaceutical companies Biyunakademin and wellness center in Solna.
They had to take some of the work that Fan Xiulan, founder of Biyunakademin built up over the
25 years she has been active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the US. Over 100.000
People have been trained by Biyunakademin and it is only in Sweden over 1.300

spring 2017 took Fan Xiulan with great humility to learn that she is with her life's work
Biyunakademin's wellness been chosen to partner. She thanked you for
confidence and planning for a Nordic Chinese health center was started.

What is the formation of the Nordic Chinese TCM Wellness in Sweden?
It means cooperation with Chinese experts in traditional Chinese medicine, each
one is outstanding in his field.
Instructors and students at Biyunakademin given the opportunity to share expertise at
Those who suffer from an imbalance or disease the opportunity to get treatment.
In addition, it will be through the new wellness center is possible to participate in exchanges and trips to China to
receive training in hospital successful in TCM or study at prominent universities.

What are the first experts to visit?
Biyunakademin attended by eleven doctors both from Hebei Yiling Hospital, partly from Jiangxi
university of traditional chinese medicine Nanchang.
Hebei Yiling Hospital is a modern hospital, linked to several universities. It combines
Chinese and Western Medicine. A lot of research and development of new
medications and therapies for diseases, among others heart- disease and
diabetes. These are considered very successful and is based on new theories.
From Jiangxi University of TCM, the founder of "Heat-sensitive moxibustion" ie
heat treatment with moxa rods. Moxa is considered to be the most effective and health-giving
practice in China. The key words for their work is to focus on human health with heartfelt

What distinguishes traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)?
Jo, Looking at the big picture, prevention imbalances and strengthens the human inner healing power.
It is taking steps to create harmony between all the internal organs and the aim is to
people achieve a balanced immune system. Healthy and strong in both body and soul, to
live healthy and be of good cheer.

Take the opportunity to visit the Nordic Chinese TCM Wellness Center
I want to go out with a call for all interested to take this opportunity to be inspired and
take note of invited experts amazing skills. Go to lectures, get a treatment or
most preferably, educate yourself to health advisor, both for yourself and all your friends and family
you want to help.
Personally, I wish you good luck with your visionary, heartfelt and admirable work to
spread knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine for the benefit of all people living in the
the Nordic countries!

Welcome to Nordic Chinese TCM Wellness Center in Solna, Sweden!

Maud Simmingskiöld

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