Instructor training in the Biyun method - step 1 Jichu Gong

For those who have discovered what Biyun method can do for the health and quality of life, and after training o exercised the 3 first steps on their own, now feels ready to mediate and help others with the teaching of Jichu Gong - grundessensen of Biyun method. The course gives permission to teach Jichu Gong.

As a trained instructor because it is then tempting to go ahead with shorter instructor training in various branches of qigong as Biyun.

Previous knowledge: Admission to training (contact Biyunakademin). Jichu Gong, Fem Elements Qi Gong, Wai Qi A-delen, TKM teori (and 3 practical courses in TCM within one year from instr.utb).
If you have not passed these courses yet, you can still go instructor training now if you go 5 elementens Qi gong 14-15/9, Wai Qi A 31/8-1/9 and TKM 2 7-8/9 but with the possible exemption if you are missing one of these courses.

We also want to remind you that you always welcome To repeat an entire or part of a course and that way deepen your understanding of the subject and of course the inspiration it means to be on course for master fan. this can be both deepen and give a shot in the arm to your business as an instructor.

For more information or to register contact Biyunakademin on email info@biyun.se or ring Niko Nygren 0706-697370 Göran Jakobsson 0707-122464

Admission Requirements: Admission to training.

Registration / Questions: Contact Biyunakademin: info@biyun.se 08-526 94 111.

Place: Biyun Academy, Stockholm

Time: 28-29/9 , Sat.: 10-18, Son: 09-17.

Taken: 3 000 kr. Half the cost at repetition.

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