Chinese study of moxa at Covid-19

Picture from Moxa course at Biyun Academy

The 11 February 2020, Jiangxi Province Board issued a message to Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine affiliated hospital Fusheng Hospital District (Jiangxi Heat Sensitive Moxibustion Acupuncture Hospital), to try to treat and prevent a major outbreak of the new Corona pneumonia. Combine Western medicine with acupuncture and moxa.

The 13 February went to the insulation department to treat Covid-19 patients with heat sensitive moxa. The 24 February, at the invitation of the new Corona pneumonia prevention and control headquarters in Luchun, Hubei-provinsen, sent help from his heat-sensitive moxa team to People's Hospital of Yuchun County to support them. There they were treated 42 case of Covid-19.

Clinical data show that: heat sensitive acupuncture can effectively reduce the negative mood of patients with Covid-19 pneumonia, reduces chest pressure, the patient's acceptance is higher, It is worth using moxa in clinical treatment.


(1) points: navel (Shén quē, ren-8), and two inches (with a)laterally around the center of the navel (tiān shū, st-25). The heat sensation can e.g.. be penetrating, transferred to another location, diffuse, spread out and so on. It should feel warm all the time, uniform, comfortable and not burning pain.

(2) Time and amount: every time it should feel like deep heat, the body gets warm, sweaty about the forehead, around 40-60 min, 1 once a day.

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