Better health and increased wisdom, with Man's Qigong

Qigong for men that strengthens health

Man's Qigong according to Biyun is a series of qigong exercises aimed at increasing male power (including tantra abilities) and harmonize the man's outer activity with inner stillness.

To create balance in everyday life

The exercises naturally strengthen your power of action and recovery. They promote the balance between the man's integrity and his open love heart. In other words - to harmonize Yin and Yang - and to make room for both female and male aspects of you as a man!

By creating this balance, you strengthen your ability to respectfully use your power and lift your sexual energy so that it promotes your body and mind., your masculine abilities and your wisdom of life.

Balance of qigong, which makes a positive difference

Two days training – online or on site

During a two-day training, you have the opportunity to learn simple and strengthening exercises that promote your health and your male well-being..

Exercises can be used in everyday life and you can practice them wherever you are in the world – pleasure, in my spare time, on the trip and at home.

Instructional compendium is included which shows the exercises in text and image. And under the leadership of the Biyuna Academy, you get good pedagogical guidance in the exercises so that you can develop on your own in your regular training.

Feel welcome.

No previous knowledge required. Registration can be found through our calendar, see MAN'S METHODS:

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The smile of silence and gratitude create strength

There are masters in the Chinese tradition who have learned to interpret nature and who understand man as a whole. Such a master says that now is the time to promote the man's health energy (That) in Sweden, Nordic and global. This is to create a better balance between Yang (masculine) and Yin (feminine) in the world.

Biyuna Academy in Sweden have therefore after closer 30 years of business decided to start teaching previously well-hidden secrets to men.

This very important method is called Man's Qigong according to Biyun. The purpose of the exercises is to strengthen the man's potential, increase the man's knowledge of his personal physical, spiritual, spiritual and sexual development.

Strengthening balance between drive and silence

Daily exercises strengthen your well-being

With the help of the qigong exercises that can be practiced daily, you can, as a man, open up more easily (heavenly) wisdom and understanding your own and other people's hearts.

The exercises also give you the opportunity to strengthen the ability to lift your essence with the aim of promoting the development of the right hemisphere rather than just "losing the essence" when you love and have sex. In these ways, you as a man can better contribute to making your partner happier and more secure.

During the course we will learn forms of exercise that strengthen the man's energy, powerful, counteracts prostate problems and a lot, much more secrets – only for you as a man.

We at Biyuna Academy warmly welcome you

Do you want to increase your well-being?

No experience is required to learn the man's Qigong, according to Biyun. See the next course opportunity and register via registration link in our calendar, see MAN'S METHODS:

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