Five Elements visdomsmetod

The deepest method to prevent and combat health problems”

After getting a basic approach in the Biyun method, you can dedicate yourself to this method.

Go to the source of the method and get personal instruction of Grandmaster Fan Xiulan to develop your own inner movement method.

And We elements, you will learn to develop your own unique form of training based on the principals of the Five Elements from Traditional Chinese Medicin theory (fire, earth, metal, water and wood). Five Elements is a very profound method - where one learns to reach an inner stillness in motion.

In this course, you learn to develop their intuitive abilities and to open itself to capture and work with their original life energy – which is the deepest source of healing.

The method is a powerful tool to open up the hidden inner potentials! A whole new world of inner stillness, wisdom and harmony opening! There is a wisdom of the energy method!

Back in the days in China this method was only taught secretely between Master and disciple, but Fan Xiulan brings this powerful and health bringing method to everyone. During the course attendees get the tools needed to develop their own intuitive capacity and gather life energy (Qi) according to their own needs.

The methodology is considered to be the most effective of all methods to remove the most serious imbalances and diseases, as well as develop your hidden potentials. In this course, you learn the basic concepts of the Five Elements theory, and also deepens their understanding and practice of the Holy Methods.

Natural spontaneous individual movements that arise from within.

The method can give you a new health, balance and well-being by these

The body knows exactly what it has to imbalances and know what to do about it. With this method, you will help your body to do this - heal.

Here, you develop your own approach to what you need most at any given time.

Help people to help themselves when it is best.
which is best for you. It helps your body to find it.
This is the primary method, and you have the tremendous advantage of it your own development and can give you a deeper understanding of your health and your life.

Do you know why your stomach is malfunctioning, nutrient uptake deteriorate as you age?
Do you know why you feel pain in your body, Why do you have a lack of strength and energy, and start to forget things? why you may feel depressed during the winter when it is dark and cold?

Well to various imbalances have arisen in your mind through life like when it is built in to finish creating imbalances or diseases. This unique approach has the ability to help and rebalance these problems. Then you can again fully enjoy your life.

"Get to know your true self, experience your inner beauty, get wisdom that inspires you and gives you the ability to develop and experience your essence and find freedom in your life. I want to convey a method that helps you to find the kingdom within you where you discover your own potential for wisdom. "

What is Wisdom power's method?
"It's an incredibly simple and deeply meditative qigong, you perform standing. The practitioner experiences a very rapid mobilization of the innate life energy in the body, because this potential is not controlled by the mind. This mobilization of energy is by any number of natural and spontaneous motions of the body. This energy field will quickly improve your health and help your wisdom to develop. "

"Wisdom power's method is a method that opens up opportunities for you to discover your own internal training. This method gives you direct inspiration for finding the answers to the deep mystery that is your life, and can change your life from the experiences of suffering, confusion and ill health, most people experience, to a new life full of wisdom, health, joy and vitality. "

"Wisdom power's approach is a little known method that helps you to keep you in excellent health. It is a combination of stillness exercise in a standing position and movement training. "

"When your brain is not controlled by the mind, When your body and mind is calm and relaxed, the amounts of life affirmative, spontaneous, movements naturally. When you are in this state, will change in a natural way. In this state promotes the body's energy field, cells are produced, the body's meridians get better flow and organs detoxified. (The waste products in the body is a cause of many imbalances and diseases). You can also reach the root cause of diseases occurrence and therefore cure them, For example, problems such as stress, anxiety and depression. This particular effect occurs according to the Chinese medicine when the original life energy stimulates the self-healing ability of our bodies. "

Previous knowledge: A basic course in Biyun method.

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