Pacific methods

Do you know that exercising stillness increases the body cells life span and can rejuvinate the body so that stress, exhaustion and chronic disease like high blood pressure can be countered?

Operating methods helps the body's parts, from the bone marrows essences to the flow in the channels and health of your skin. But stillness puts your cells in motion.

Sure, maintaining physical health is important. But when you know your life path and through stillness gain intuituve knowledge and wisdom, you will know yourself and nature.

All master through time have been practicing and recommending stillness. People would be able to see in the dark and hear through silence, everything is possible if we develop our intuitive capacity.

Let us choose the highest and the best. Sleep, eat, get children and somewhere to live, that we have in common with all animals, that is not what constitutes a self fulfilled human. On the other hand, the possibility for a deeper conciousness is only given to us humans. We can get out and enjoy the gentle methods.

still methods