Herb combinations 18 april 2021

The herb course this weekend was very successful and we got fantastic feedback. Choose to post some quotes here anonymously.

Thanks for the nice course. There was a lot of useful information that was provided

Thanks for a great course! Good with a compendium to hang the knowledge on. Good balance between individual herbs and herb combinations, even if it is some repetition from the basic course as if they were closer to each other in time could possibly be skipped. Good inspiration to start using the herbs immediately. It will be difficult to choose from all these taxes!

As always very happy, and miss being in Solna.

I have gained a very clear understanding of how ill health can occur in the body and how I can strengthen resp kidney belly spleen, have always picked our herbs, and has now gained medical understanding…. very interesting and with great gratitude to the miss and you others for an incredible course , for my own health

Very inspiring, and stimulated to explore further!

Very interesting and has learned a lot about the combination of herbs, which I was not aware of. Will definitely try this. Thanks for the nice course.

Thank you for a very interesting and well-conducted course! I'm impressed with all the knowledge that Fan Xiulan has, and I think you succeeded well in conveying that. Good tennis quality too. I liked that the first day gave a good gruellag with the herbs, while the second day built on this and gave practical advice on combinations. I also think it was interesting with a focus on common diseases like Alzheimer's, senile dementia and Parkinson's.

Thank you for an exciting and inspiring course. Lots to take in and digest, so need to integrate this over a few days. Feel like spreading the message to others who may need the knowledge. A good knowledge to share a little from on Qi gog courses 😀

Very nice course! Concrete and practical knowledge that I look forward to using in my everyday life and spreading to others. Great to be able to bring in TKM again, tack!

presented in a nice and neat way. Very nice to get concrete recipes with info on what they are good for. Perhaps these could also be collected in the compendium?  I feel that it is a great help that I am familiar with some of this from before, otherwise it could be a lot at once. Very nice with a compendium with info about the different herbs, but as I said, it could also be nice with a summary of the combinations and what they are good for. Thank you very much for a nice course:-)

I'm very glad Fan Xiulan held this course, and that I have participated. Although there is a lot of theory and lots of new to digest, I am left with a lot of new knowledge. Some can also be easily incorporated into everyday life.

An interesting course, which provides inspiration to try some of the tea combinations that were presented. As well as the effects of the herbs. Also pay more attention to the herbs that can be picked in nature.

I have received a lot of facts, which I will have to go through in peace and quiet. during the course, the focus is on writing down what you say. I am very happy with the course, thousand thanks. A little crazy that the sun started to shine just this weekend 🙂 but luckily you can not control the weather. Bright warm greetings to you all

Good that there were many herbs that we can pick here in the Nordics. It was good to learn about saffron. I want to use it. Also good to learn more about herbs I bought at the Biyuna Academy. The meditations these days were fine, especially the one with Glastonbury, Water of Life and Guan Yin. Good you went through combinations for the main organs (Lungs / Heart / Spleen / Kidneys) But do not think we learned combination for liver? (or did we do it yesterday). Very good course, bra compendium. Many thanks to Fan Xiulan, Niko and Lars !! <3

Very pleased! Felt rewarding! I have the documentation to go back to for reference.

Very interesting that gives more flavor!!!

Think it was very interesting and good, nothing to complain about.

It was a nice course! Always good with time set aside for questions. Good with herbs that can be picked here.

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