Travel to Hawaii 16-30/11 2019

Dear Biyun friend we offer you an exclusive opportunity to ride
us two weeks to Hawaii prelim. 16-30/11 2019!

The trip to Hawaii is unique for several reasons: Fan Xiulan have chosen to make these Hawaii Travel since last year's volcanic eruption on the Big Island capitalized enormous energy portal that we are taking the help of.
Further, the retreat center we live on the basis of one of America's foremost clairvoyant teacher Ralph D. Jordan and the site promotes powerful intuitive development.

Finally, is this healthy journey to paradise Hawaii one of the few trips you can do with Fan Xiulan and initiations and new Biyunmetoderna directly from the source.

We have made two trips to Hawaii last year – i november 2018 & april 2019
that was absolutely amazing. Our medical missions is to bring new vitality from the energy-rich places in different parts of the world. Hawaii currently has a special such force related to the activation of the volcano last year which are energy-enhancing. Just eating the exotic fruits and vegetables grown in the rich soil lavaöns gives a totally different nutrition than at home. For two weeks, we build up and create a good cell regeneration.

We live on Kaula Farm in Kona on the Big Island, where we previously arranged several trips in collaboration with Inner Perceptions – a school for intuitive development.

With a stunning retreat facility in beautiful countryside close to the sea in the picturesque little town of Kona on the Big Island.
Biyunakademin and Fan Xiulan've taught and trained instructors in the United States for many years, including right here in Hawaii, so we know the island well and has a good network of contacts for our events.

This will be an exclusive trip for about 10 participant, which gives you a very familiar feel with Fan Xiulan, in addition she teaches Peace Power Qigong will also give initiations and indentations in the stationary qigong.

So are you ready to put your inner compass west, We can offer you a unique amazing wellness break in an exclusive small group of amazing Hawaii! Your application, we urgently need to secure your site. Contact us at or Niko Nygren 070-66 97 370.

Tour program are listed below.
(travel Date 16-30/11, Flights about 10 000 kr + 29 890 SEK for the trip).
Many Sincerely Niko Nygren – Biyun Academy

Reseprogram prel. 16 – 30/11 2019 The big Island of Hawaii
along with the Grand Master Fan Xiulan
and Nygren head instructor Niko.

Day 1:
Departure by plane from Stockholm / Arlanda. Meals and film board. Stopover and arrival to the United States the same day. (Note! we are traveling against the clock and arrive the same day).

* Departure from the United States and arrival to Kona in Hawaii.
* Arrival then installation Neck Farm. Communal meal at center.

Day 2 – 13:
During our time in Hawaii, we will make several major tours:
*Waipio Valley - one of the most beautiful valleys with splendid views, waterfalls o sea beyond - the opportunity to see the whales is good here.
*Naturresevaten with its waterfalls and rainforest, and a visit to the island's volcano.
*City of refugee - the holiest place on the Big Island as indigenous people, becomes an adventure course.
Several small excursions are also included: This is about the beaches with its truly amazing marine fauna, fish and sea turtles, lokal shopping m.m.

Courses with Grandmaster Fan Xiulan and Niko Nygren - we must, among other things learn Power of Peace Qi Gong - a Biyunmetod and selected lectures for our group and Hawaii.
An extension is also Fan Xiulan will give initiations and deeper understanding of the stationary qigong. Lectures and practical exercises interspersed.

A workshop by Ilona Honig planned, she is = Kahuna Hawaiian medicine woman, the center's current coordinator, a person with knowledge of Hawaii's natural wisdom and philosophy, Ilona will be our guide in our great excursions.

The cost of all meals at Kaula Farm included, we take turns helping Illona with meals.
Should we add to Kaula Farm has a beautiful location on the hill overlooking the sea about 500 m asl. Private swimming pool, skilled staff offering body therapies, help own excursions M.M.. (This is the other side of the island many mil from the volcano and no problems regarding its activity)

Day 13-15:
We say goodbye to Hawaii this time and the bus will take us to the airport for our flight from Kona back home to Sweden. We stopover in the US(ev. morning tour in Los Angeles). Arrival in Arlanda. (Note! we travel with clock and arrive the next day).

The tour price 29890 kr + ticket approximately 10000 kr.

The ticket pays you to the agent
* Flights to Hawaii to return to Stockholm, economy class. Departure from Stockholm / Arlanda. meals on board.
Included in the tour price
* Accommodation in a double room at the Wellness Center in Hawaii.
* Niko Nygren, head instructor is with the journey. The center - Kaula Farm in Hawaii will also Ilona hönig to take care of us. * The program indicated excursions and program items and meals at Kaula Farm, and transfers, transport and entrance fees associated with the program. Local English speaking guide in Hawaii (Ilona).
* In the days of Kaula Farm included meals (not those we choose to eat at the restaurant).
Not included in price
* The meals are not included in the program are not included.
* possibly visa.
* Excursions outside the program t.e.x. swimming with dolphins.
* possible treatments, medical counseling, etc..

Can be ordered with the imposition of the travel agency
* Cancellation.
* Travel insurance. Note that the debit / credit cards travel insurance often does not provide enough protection.

vaccinations, currency, weather
vaccinations: No mandatory. Consult vaccination center.
currency: US-dollar, Credit cards accepted more or less everywhere.
Weather: In November, it is much like the Swedish midsummer, though considerably sunnier and warmer in the water ...
Not compulsory for Swedish citizens. Note! You must have a passport valid for travel to the US. And fill in a form for travel to the US. Check with a travel agent.

Registration, payment, travel conditions, mm
Please register at Göran Jakobsson which then sends the confirmation with the payment slip for the application fee. Note that this is a preliminary program and that some changes may still occur.

the registration fee is 2.000 kr/person.
Final payment will be the organizer by 30 days before departure. Service fee for cancellations made at later made cancellations than 30 days 2000 kr/person, the ticket in travel agency rules.

Number of participants for the trip is 10 personer.

The ticket must be paid directly to the agent who is our co-organizer and
remainder to Biyunakademin, we will return
in the latter sending further payment details.

For registration and further information, Please contact Göran Jakobsson preferably via e-mail or leave a message on the answering machine. Note! Only ten participants. Welcome to contact us
Hawaiiresa Nov 2019
Registration: Göran Jakobsson 070-712 24 64, 08-526 94 111
questions: Niko Nygren 070-669 73 70
Prices are subject to. changes to. We reserve the right to change
Program content without prior notice.

Some comments from our two previous Hawaii trips
November 2018 & April 2019

  1. -Accommodation at Kuala Farm, very strong and energizing place to stay. Acquaintance with Carole, Gwen, Illona and Gisela at Kaula Farm. They will be with me here at home.

    -Moxa training theoretical and practical. Common meditations. Fan Xiulan lectures.

    -Swimming and snorkeling opportunities when we came to the beaches.

    -Peace Power Qi Gong.

    -Taught MIG1:a Work shopen med bl.a. Moxa and meet the people who were there.

    .-Easter worship service with music and meditation and celebration then.

    -Memorial Ceremony Easter Monday Ralph inside the house.

    -The excursion to Puuhouua O'Honaunau and City of Refuge.

    -Quite magical meditation at the lunch table and the Water Ceremony!

    -Meditations vid Heiau.

    -The excursion to the coffee plantation with its wonderful park and the view at the coffee test.

    -The trip to Akaka Falls and Kahuna Falls and the sandy beach then. Wonderful scenery and vegetation on the trip to Akaka Falls. Jkrnduträden !!!

    -The visit to the Hilton hotel with dolphins, lovely parks with beautiful plants, statues, etc..
  2. I have about 1,5 år, at least had problems with my stomach. My stomach now seems to work so I got out everything I expected. Very and excellent help by Fan Xiulan and Niko included.
    -Visit the local church also included. It was an experience. It was as if we were back in the US at least 50 år. Something I do not want to be without.

    -Being able to greet locals and also spend time with them was an experience. They were also on qi gong in the morning.

    Akaka falls, wonderful nature reserve we visit in the rainforest
  3. "First of all, thank you for a great trip and Fan Xiulan course of the peace force
    qi gong. It is very good.

    -Being in Hawaii was incredibly good for both body and soul. Hawaii is truly a paradise with wonderful scenery and magnificent beaches.

    -The course was held at the Kona-farm contributed to energy was incredibly strong and personally I had several wonderful spiritual experiences and insights. "
  4. "Super Cozy to go on this journey with fan Laoshi! And good support from Niko. accommodation: Did Kaula farm was wonderful! Great room with a view. The garden, common areas with books on Hawaii and an abundance of Guanyinstatyer. Mat: Good food!
  5. "Journey to Kona was well organized and went well. Cool with flower garlands around the necks! Undervisningsrummet was top. Power of Peace Qi Gong very well as we have continued to practice at home. Ilona was the best possible in every way.
  6. excursion targets, nature and power seats were very nice. Toppenguidning in Los Angeles. As a whole, we are very happy and enjoyed the beautiful scenery, sun, the heat and the wonderful sea. We have precious memories and experiences of a lifetime. "
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