Khao Lak, Thailand

Go to Khao Lak in southern Thailand with Qi Gong champion Fan Xiulan.

With a wonderful approach to health retreat with Qigong, meditation, culture and relaxation, our trip to the beautiful area (and the nature reserve) Khao Lak (around 1.5 hour's drive north of Phuket) be great.

Above all, we get a chance to relax away the stress and problems of everyday life and relax on a powerful upgrade of our health and insight. Then we have three great teachers, health food and natural paradise, sunbathing upload our inner energy and uplift and transform our body and mind to a new level of health and awareness!
Qi Gong course with Grandmaster Fan Xiulan and Niko Nygren - we must, among other things learn Quantum Health Qigong - the latest of Biyunmetoderna, where we learn how to download the vitality of nature and how we can convey the life energy to others.

Fan Xiulan will also provide initiations to promote intuition and teach deep meditation / still qigong

During our days in Thailand, we will make several exciting excursions:

  • Temple visits with meditative atmosphere
  • The nature reserve with waterfalls and rainforest
  • Kraftplatser in nature
  • Several small excursions are also included: This is about the beaches, lokal shopping m.m.

A lecture on Thai spirituality of Maneraat planned, She is a Buddhist meditation teacher and retreat-resort's founder.
Course, accommodation in a double room, excursions in the program and the cost of breakfast and dinner at the Thai Life included.

Thai Life is located in a wonderful environment just about 500 meters from the sea. Own staff offering body therapies, own restaurant with health-oriented and partly home-grown organic food, help own excursions M.M..

Travel price 19900 kr, ticket will, single supplement with own bungalow possible

For more info and registration, please contact Biyunakademin
interest: Göran Jakobsson 070-712 24 64, 08-526 94 111                         
Information: Niko Nygren 070-669 73 70