With Grandmaster Fan Xiulan 7-8/9 2019

For you who want to become an instructor, this course applies as TKM theory which is mandatory to become an instructor.(5 element 14-15/9 is also part of the instr. education).

At TKM 2 Fan Xiulan goes through important knowledge from Chinese medicine about Qi, blood, essence and consciousness.

From her long experience and deep insights into Chinese medicine and qigong, she can convey very interesting and valuable aspects of these subjects.

Qi: The universe and all its manifestations are an expression of variations and movement of Qi. Everything can be described as Qi and which in relation to the body is referred to as our vital life force. Qi circulates everywhere and maintains and mobilizes our physical body. Understanding Qi is fundamental to Qi gong practice. Without Qi no life.

Blood: Chinese medicine's understanding of blood and its relation to the body, Internal organs and consciousness have many aspects.

food: Is related to the kidneys and has, among other things, to do with our original life force
which qi gong training can also promote. It can be compared to a candle that burns down during life.
Understanding how we nurture our essences is important to know how we prolong life and take care of health so we add both life to the years and years to life.

Consciousness(Shen): Stands for our mental functions and health, vitality and presence. Shen is rooted in the heart and visible in the eyes and is also the deepest aspect of our inner self that is crucial to our health and vitality.. Qi gong training builds, among other things. on the important relationship between body and consciousness.

food, Qi and consciousness are also called the three treasures to emphasize their important importance.

The course also contains theory about the internal organs that are not covered under TKM-Theory 1.

This course is independent of TKM-Theory 1 while complementing it.

Previous knowledge: No.

Place: Biyunakademins Wellness
Time: Saturday 7/9 10-18, Sunday 8/9 pM 09-17.
Johan Enberg way 20, 171 61 Solna.
T-western woods. (50 m straight out from the subway exit).

Taken: 1 900 kr. 100 SEK discount for members of the Biyun Association Green Dragon or the Biyuna Academy
Health center 2019, 300 kr discount for pensioners. The discounts cannot be combined.

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