mind Massage

All gone Biyun method Tuinakurs and Jichu Gong Instructor Course is welcome to join this course.

This is a much higher level of treatment than the usual form
of Tuina massage(kinesisk massage). Previously, Fan Xiulan just taught this way of treating to a few people. It is only now (from 2019) as more people have the opportunity to learn this unique behandingsform.

Fan Xiulan gives you all the keys and guide you personally and opens up your ability to give soul massage.
Note! Limited number of participants.

This form of massage is based on the same methodology 5 elementens Qi Gong –Wisdom power's method in which the body knows exactly what it has to imbalances and know what to do about it. In this treatment method, you develop rather than the ability to spontaneously know where and how to work on someone else's body.

In the spontaneous state you work in such flows even stronger vitality then more substantial will be in contact with the patient's vital energy than conventional tuinabehandling. This means that treatment effects are much greater while working “where it is really needed”, not where you think it is needed.

The soul of the massage, you work from wisdom, rather than the intellect.

Welcome to a very unique course!

Admission Requirements: Jichu Gong instructor and gone Biyunakademins course in Tuina.

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