Traditionell Chinese Medicine theory-introduction

Want to get the hang of it that forms the foundation for the world's most practiced natural medicine?

We give you the opportunity to dedicate yourself interesting and valuable knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine

The course is open to all. While this course is part of the way to becoming Jichu Gong instructor in Delfin power's method or peace Power method. So you want to become an instructor - watch out and go the course!

An interesting and stimulating introduction to the basic theories that form the basis for all activities in the Chinese medicine: We go through and learn about the yin and yang, the five elements of nature and its relationship to the human, the various internal organs functions and mutual relations according to Chinese medicine and various causes of diseases: the six external - climatological factors and the seven internal - the effects of emotions on our health.

Previous knowledge: no.

For current course in TCM theory see our training program