Tuina-Chinese massage

tuinaSome 20 massage techniques and different combinations: You learn to use your hands to give the body
vitality according to classical Chinese medical experience.

Tuina is an efficient and thorough massage form which can be very therapeutic active. It is one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine and is a specialty practiced with many good results in sickness and health promotion in China since a long time back. Pain problems, various kinds of tensions and blockages can be quickly and effectively countered with the classic Chinese massage techniques.

During this course, an introduction to Tuina by Fan Xiulan as head teacher. With its expertise in the field of Chinese medicine and qi massage she quicken and create an accessible understanding of the Chinese massage secrets. During the course you will learn about 20 of the most effective and curative massage techniques and how you can use them both lighter and more serious problems. During the course theory and practice is combined of the different techniques and we also work in pairs in order to get a good practical understanding. Welcome to a valuable practical introductory course of these wonderful health methods.

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