Biyunakademin hold training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TKM is a generic term that includes many different disciplines within the health. Herbal Medicine, Chinese massage (Tuina), Operating Methods and Acupuncture is usually described as the most common forms of treatment.

Biyunakademin has many courses that are open to all. But for those who want to acquire a comprehensive education is also a program called Health Advisor.

Operating methods is an important part of TKM designed to be able to help himself. Operating Methods is an exercise that is very soft and soothing for both body and soul. Biyunakademin teaches the methods developed by Grandmaster Fan Xiulan. There are many different operating methods in the Biyun method. Methods that help children, adolescents, Adults and older.


health Advisor

Biyunakademin and Fan Xiulan, in cooperation with the Chinese health authority Traditional Chinese Medicine will enable you to get a certificate in Biyunmetoderna and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through in-depth knowledge and awareness you have the opportunity to run your own health clinic with support from Biyunakademin and Northern European Association for TKM.

The training is given the opportunity to travel to China to broaden your skills in various areas of TKM, including Moxa. Some of China's leading experts in the field agree in education.

Training is on 600 kurstimmar, which 70 hours are clinical practice. You already trained in Biyunakademins courses can be credited with 150 hours training instructor and 150 hours of training in TCM.

Large parts of the course literature is in English, some lectures are in English.


Program for instructors


Basic Methods

CD associated Jichu Gong method
Jichu Gong
A basic program that systematically goes through the body with slow, soft movements with focus and relaxation. The exercises are simple ...
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Senior Metod
Basic practice, specific for older peoples needs. Senior Method is a systematic review of the entire body with slow, smooth motion ...
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Peace Power
Now also available as a digital class that you can purchase and download! Peace Power is a mindful body/mind exercise ...
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In Delfin power we collect inspiration from the dolphin, this wise creatue with a warm and caring heart. On a positive concentration on ...
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Husband methods
Man's Methods increase male power and harmonize man's yin and yang. The methods aim to counteract and prevent specifically ...
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woman qigong
The woman methods
New Woman method with energy from the sky and ground, song of the heart and powerful mantras. This is a powerful training method ...
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Pacific methods
Do you know that exercising stillness increases the body cells life span and can rejuvinate the body so that stress, burn-out and chronic diseases ...
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rejuvenation Qigong
regeneration methods
A method specially developed for people who are 40 years or older. Rejuvenation is in focus, with the Hamburg as a ...
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Medium Advanced Methods

Dong Gong

Movement Qigong that deepens the health benefits attained in the basic practice. It will help you gain life energy and attain balance in body and mind ...
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Five Elements visdomsmetod

"The deepest method to prevent and combat health problems" After getting a basic method of Biyun method, you can dedicate yourself ...
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Wai Qi part A

For those who have gone five elements and to reach a deeper understanding of what qi means can this teach ...
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Wai Qi part B

Wai Qi means outer life energy. For Biyun method instructors offered the opportunity to enhance the ability to manage qi in work and daily ...
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Traditional Chinese Medicine


Acupressure is the mother of acupuncture in Chinese medicine. Basic theory and practical application of the most famous and popular ...
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Hand reflexology

You learn to find, and work with, hand zones to help both yourself and others. Hand reflexology ...
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Chinese nutrition, food as medicine

Food is the best medicine - the Chinese medical doctor and professor Fan Xiulan coined this concept in Sweden already for ...
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Comet Stone Massage

Bian shi Tuina (Comet Stone Massage) is a fantastic method to get very deep effects on health. Background: The meteorite that struck down ...
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Ear Diagnosis and Treatment

A practical method for in a very simple way to learn to diagnose and treat. We study each ...
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Herbal Medicine

Fan Xiulan learned as a child from her grandmother and great-grandfather of the herbs healing abilities, an interest she maintained ...
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mind Massage

All gone Biyun method Tuinakurs and Jichu Gong Instructor Course is welcome to join this course. This is a much higher level ...
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Stone Species energy and health effects according to Chinese wisdom

A course where you get insight and knowledge of how the stones and crystals can help your health and well-being. One ...
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Traditionell Chinese Medicine theory-introduction

Want to get the hang of it that forms the foundation for the world's most practiced natural medicine? We give you the opportunity ...
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Tuina-Chinese massage

Some 20 massage techniques and different combinations: You learn to use their hands to bring the body vitality as classical Chinese ...
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Tongue and hand diagnostics

Tongue and hands are maps that can tell us about our health. This is a practice that has been practiced since ancient times in ...
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