Syllabus for Health Advisor Training


The purpose of the training is to give you a solid base to use your skills in Biyunmetoderna and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to provide self-help and effectively diagnose and provide competent treatment.

Objectives of the training

The program gives you several tools to diagnose imbalances and health problems as well as provide advice and treatments to improve human health. The training includes knowledge of the different traditional Chinese medical methods Biyunakademin teach . This is food as medicine, herbal Medicine, tuina medicinsk massage, Comet Stone Massage, acupressure, hand and ear diagnostics and Others. You will learn how to based on your diagnosis will advise a patient to which of Biyunmetoderna that is most appropriate for the patient and adapt advice to individual patient needs. The training includes Basic medicine knowledge as school medicine. You are given the opportunity to develop self-awareness, an ethical approach and a deeper understanding and comprehensive picture of the people.

The program gives you the ability to develop good relationships with people and how to treat them to a medical professional manner. You'll learn the basics of starting your own business. This training is intended primarily for those who already has organizations in Biyunmetoderna and TKM.

The program is also aimed at those who want to start own business. The program also fits those who want to help themselves, his family or friends in the best way.

Previous knowledge

To be admitted to the training required :
that you are authorized instructor in Jichu Gong or Delfin power according to the Biyun method,

  • that you have sufficient basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine,
  • you master some methods of treatment according to the Biyun method.

The Chinese Ministry of Health in traditional Chinese medicine requires that the program should 530 teaching hours and 70 hours clinical practice. Large parts of the course literature is in English. Some of the teaching of Chinese experts is in English.

Course Content

Health Advisor program is a total 600 hours. The course content consists of three parts.

Of the 1 core of training consists of 300 hours of instruction and practice that are required to become a health adviser. See Appendix 1.

Of the 2 consists of courses in traditional Chinese medicine, you may count a maximum of 150 hours of training to health advisor. See Appendix 2

Of the 3 comprises Biyunakademins instruktörsutbildningar. Please note that the courses you may be credited as part of health education training are listed in the Annex 3. You may count a maximum of 150 kurstimmar instruktörskurser.

The contents of Biyunakademins health advisor training, total 530 teaching hours of traditional Chinese medicine and Biyunmetoderna and 70 hours clinical practice. See attachments for more information.

For a detailed price list you can download this PDF: Syllabus for health counselor education


The different modules are held by Fan Xiulan and other teachers from Biyunakademin and guest lecturers from China, experts in various areas of traditional Chinese medicine.

The training given at Biyunakademins wellness center in Solna. During the training, students are given opportunities to study in China.

Examination Form and certificates

After each module is given a written and a practical exam.

A comprehensive examination is given at the end of training comprising;

  • a theoretical written test
  • practical tests
  • master thesis, in the form of a paper or case studies

China's Health Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued an international certificate on completion of training and pass examination.

Personal characteristics and attitudes of certified health advisors

  • respect the privacy of all people regardless of gender, age, religion or ethnicity,
  • know how to behave kindly, properly and have respect for patients and other people you come in contact with in their profession,
  • be aware of the ethical implications of their advice and treatments.

After completing a health adviser training, the student:

  • have acquired the necessary insights and skills required to work as one of Biyunakademins trained health advisor
  • have developed self-awareness, their ability to empathize, their ethical awareness that in a professional way to diagnose, communicate, treating and advising people


Registration for Biyunakademins education to health counselor do to:

Required Reading

  • Fan Xiulan. 2004. health Tao. The long life secret.
  • Fan Xiulan. 2000. Methods according Biyun
  • Wang et. al. Diagnostics of Traditional Medicine
  • Reading Chinese health department for traditional Chinese medicine., 1. Food as Medicine, 2. Comet Stone Massage, m.fl.


All information is subject to change.