What Chinese medicine has given Ewa Denward Olah?

What Chinese medicine has given me?

In order to respond easily to this question, I need only tell you about some of my most important meetings with traditional Chinese medicine.

My first encounter with Chinese medicine was the Biyun method, 1994.

During a fantastic weekend, I learned the method together with a group of other curious enthusiasts. Our wonderful teacher Gudrun Gylling brought us gently by the above program, Jichu Gong. Exercises of smooth flow fascinated me. I was very happy and relaxed when I discovered the mind gentle awakening of the body's innate desire for movement simultaneously with the thought of them. It was completely new to me eg. to regularly give my feet awake attention and allowing the breath to flow with the movements in a natural pace. Varma, calm, happy experiences filled my body and mind. It was like really come home to me. It was like one weekend duck of my shawl temple, my body. It was a great opening of me and my spiritual development with the Biyun method. I then understood nothing of the movement of what qi and blood was then. I knew nothing about traditional Chinese medicine. The only thing I knew intuitively was to continue practicing. That each day reconnecting with the body and mind together in silence and concentration. That every day give me this time, despite my large family. And I never practiced that before in my 40-year life. Grow inside me the certainty that I would continue practicing and someday in the future to give other people the opportunity to experience themselves in a similar fashion as I so much appreciated and enjoyed by.

After several years of training, I was in a car accident when I injured my left hand badly.

After the acute phase, it was found that the practice of Jichu Gong and Donggong had the same effect as an analgesic tablet. And the effect remained for three of four hours. Without side effects. Later that fall, I was able to make my first trip to China. And it was like coming home. Again. Both in the country, food and my body.

As the years passed and I became curious and learned that traditional Chinese medicine consisted of a proven, complete system for thousands of years, to prevent and maintain the physical and mental health. To follow the seasons is very important, because our internal organs follows the same clock and revive and recover in the same way that nature. The internal organs have their own biological clocks that follow the sun and the moon. It has been developed and there are several diagnostic systems in the body where we can learn to understand our health. Examples are through tongue, pulse, iris of the eye and the inside hand. The food we eat is medicine and that it is therefore important that it is grown organically to support and empower the body. Different sounds and colors supports the internal organs. Qi, vitality, is in us when we live, and that we can influence, filling or emptying of it through our movements, attention in our mind, through food, sleep and our feelings. Different geographical areas are more or less oendestarkt force fields that affect us. We may use and develop our innate intuition and knowledge to strengthen our own health and also to help others. Our mental and spiritual ability is infinite and takes us on an exciting journey if we dare, and if we are curious enough.

So simply said, Chinese medicine has given me the wonderful and valuable knowledge of myself and the world. I have powerful methods to delight myself, to collect myself, to calm myself and to strengthen myself for a good life. And I offer methods to others who want to learn the same thing. I have received good loyal friends for life. I have started and develop my spiritual force, my intuition to more understand the innermost mysteries. A fantastic method for Life, Biyunmetoden.

Ewa Denward Olah, Biyun instructor

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