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Here are some interesting videos from China on how to use traditional Chinese medicine hospitals to help people who have covid-19. Among other things, Moxa has proven very effective in helping patients, not only physically breathing but also emotionally. Patients feel more comfortable after receiving Moxa and breathing easier.

Interesting video of Traditional Chinese Medicine to Covid-19. The video breaks a little in the middle of a sentence, but I think it is worth seeing anyway.
It tells them that patients with Covid-19, the moxa and also practice different Qigong methods to strengthen their health.
This is the smoking- and disinfection work to be done every day of the six divisions of the Department of Infectious Diseases. They then fires with Moxa the premises to prevent the spread of infection. The doctor in the department also deals with patients with Heat Sensitive Moxa.
This doctor says that he uses moxa on “Zu San Li” (Mage-acupuncture point 36) to treat patients with good results.
Head doctor at Guanxi Medical Hospital says that the moxa can stimulate the respiratory tract to produce certain antibodies that can be effective against this virus.
The smoke and smell of moxa is developing a therapeutic effect that works very well.

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