Wai Qi A

Course in Wai Qi A-part med Grandmaster Fan Xiulan 31/8-1/9 2019 i Stockholm

The next step for you who want to become an instructor after going through the five-element method or who want to go further in the Biyun method.

(at repetition 450 kr / day)
If you want to become an instructor in the Biyun method basic training Jichu gong, it is one of the last steps to become a complete instructor. Take the opportunity to go now!

We would like to remind you of the special opportunity you now have to acquire the next step in your development directly for Fan Xiulan – eminent expert and founder of the Biyun method.

We invite you to Wai Qi A, four methods of Wai Qi it 31/8-1/9  at Biyunakademins Hälsocenter in Solna, Stockholm. Here you will learn several of the deeper methods that provide the opportunity to both acquire life force from nature, but also with its help to process and transmit this to others. It will be very rewarding and exciting days with Grand Master Fan Xiulan!

Fan Xiulan lectures on and provides practical tools to get to know the forces of nature and gain deeper contact with your soul power and inner potentials.

Course Content:

-3-Dantians metod – Open your three Dantian:
This is a deepening of the five element method with another opening into the spontaneous training that makes it stronger.

-Great Qi method – Make direct contact with Heaven and Earth and obtain life force in a powerful way.

-Heart-Kidney-method – Master doctors own method that balances heart-kidneys / fire & water in the body that is very important for health.

-Wai Qi transmission – Learn to transfer life force to others. Teaching and practical exercises on each other.

The course is open to anyone who has completed it course in The Five Elements-The Method of Wisdom.

This course is also the way to become a Jichu Gong instructor, when you have taken the Wai Qi A course, there is the opportunity to take the instructor course! which will be held 28-29/9. In order to be admitted to the instructor course, you must submit an instructor application document.

For more information or to register contact Biyunakademin on email info@biyun.se or ring Niko Nygren 0706-697370
Göran Jakobsson 0707-122464

for registration Submit 300 NOK on the Biyuna Academy's plus giro account: 601 87 34-1
and enter a name, adress, e-mail and “Wai Qi A”

Place: Biyunakademins Wellness,
Johan Enberg way 20, 171 61 Solna.
T-western woods, 7 minutes from the Central).

Time: 31/8-1/9: Sat.: 10-18, Son: 9-17.

Taken: 2500 kr.
100 SEK discount for members of the Biyuna Academy's health center
or the Biyun Association Green Dragon 2018, 300 kr discount for pensioners.
The discounts cannot be combined.

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