Fan Xiulan on Health Cruise 2018

Biyunakademin appeared on magazine Health annual cruise as both exhibitors and Fan Xiulan as lecturers. About 1000 participants on the boat. Among all these, we have gained many new friends

There were many visitors at the lectures and they liked Fan Xiulan stationary methods and knowledge of Chinese Medicine. They got some useful methods to counteract aging and pain.

As an exhibitor, we offered something unique. Try the comet stone massage, which was VALDIgt popularly. Anyone who tried on felt stone massage was very beneficial. 15 minutes massage on head, neck and shoulders removing stress and headaches, among other things,.

There is a nice cruise then the whole boat is chartered by the Health. So all visitors have a common interest in particular health, and it is also arranged with great good healthy vegetarian food on the whole boat. Specially composed menu for Health cruise.

We may be viewed on the boat next year?


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