Advanced course instructor with GRANDMASTER Fan Xiulan LANDSCAPE QI GONG 12-13/10 2019

Take the opportunity to join one of the most profound methods of Biyun - Wu Gong - lying Qigong

Important methods for the development of intuition and psychic development.

A rare opportunity to learn the deeper the tools in the Biyun method of intuition and the ability to take a deeper vision and thus insight and understanding of Qigong Secrets.

This is the only course where the Master Fan presents lying Qigong - a method that the Chinese masters used in the greatest secrecy. We work with special exercises that increase the flow in some inner meridians. A very powerful tool to get the unique abilities of the human body has latent within it to flourish and evolve:

-The heavenly eye
-The heavenly ear
-The conscious heart
-The indulgent hand
-Profound health effects
-with more…

Furthermore, the master fan to lecture on Health Feng Shui and how we are on a deeper level can become aware of and create a more harmonious lifestyle.

Special intuition techniques also promise!
In this course, we have also come to the level where we train ourselves in different intuition exercises to promote our capabilities to a deeper vision.

We want to emphasize that it is very rare that the master fan this course .

Previous knowledge: Jichu Gonginstruktör
Time: Lördagen den 12 September kl. 10-18, Sunday 13 September kl. 09-17.
Taken: 2 500 kr.

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