1 OCTOBER 18.00 – 21.00

How will your fall and winter to give you
A Wonderful Life, and inflow to a new year 2020?
How do you connect with your innate
true health effect and sets it in motion? It is
in touch with your inner vitality that you can
removing old sorrows well as
ease away chronic conditions and diseases.

Autumn arrives with the cold and old problems
may resurface, as asthma and pulmonary disorders,
pain in the body, Fibromyalgia a rheumatism,
mera.Vi stress the need to increase our Yang energy
when the outer sun and heat is reduced, we increase it in the interior!

Fan Xiulan provide tools for how the loving care of yourself puts your inner power in motion.

Come and be inspired and get new vitality!

Time: Tuesday 1/10, kl 18-21.00

Price: Lecture 150 SEK or free for members of
Biyunakademins Wellness
. Become a member 2019! for 500 € and
get gifts worth around 500 kr

Place: Biyunakademins Wellness, Johan Enberg way 20, 171 61 Solna.
T Western Forest (50 m straight out from the tube end).

Registration – email or call and report to you:
info@biyun.se 08-526 94 111.

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