Summer camp in Stockholm 2021

A weekend with GrandmasterFan Xiulan, the 17 – 18 July 2021. At Royal Park in Frösundavik, Stockholm four-star hotel at Hagaparken.

Book one of the absolute highlights of the summer right now!

Bring your loved ones to a wonderful health weekend with guest teachers Anna Bornstein and Marie Bergman.

The light returns - Methods of Inner Power

After a too many tiring period with Corona restrictions, we want to offer you a weekend where you are given the opportunity to increase your energy and remove stress and discomfort.

A weekend that transforms you and gives you new tools for how to improve your life, feel how your vitality and joy return, your heart sings and you love life!

Fan Xiulan teaches for the first time 18 force method!
You can then pass this method on to your family, your students.

Grandmaster Fan Xiulan with friends guides us through silence, qigongövningar, talks and workshops on health and quality of life in the spirit of the Biyun methods. Anna Bornstein does a workshop with silence and meditation: “Our inner treasure hunt”, Marie Bergman a workshop “Becoming friends with your nervous system, West meets East ”, – shortly said – A weekend filled with relaxation and recovery in a luxurious environment with a recognized high-class kitchen.

The Biyuna Academy's summer camp is held at the Royal Park Hotel, a four-star hotel on the shores of Lake Mälaren, Hagaparken in Stockholm.

  • Fan Xiulan - Professor and Chinese medical expert and founder of the Biyun method medical qigong. A woman who has dedicated her life to imparting Chinese wisdom in its various forms to easily accessible tools for people also in the West.
  • Anna Bornstein – famous author and journalist, with special interest in existential questions and depth psychology. She has very solid experience of meditation and meditation teaching. She is the initiator of the Dream of the Good, that weaves in calm moments in preschool and school everyday. She was also a personal student for many years to the spiritual philosopher Paul Brunton, one of the first to spread the wisdom of the East in the West.
  • Marie Bergman - loved musician and artist, managers and innovators of the Swedish way tax and deeply knowledgeable music teacher with a specialty of singing and toning. Known for its warm and personal tone that awakens the listener's love of music. Now current with analysis of the importance of the Vagus nerve.


  • Biyun Method founder Fan Xiulan alternates lectures with training on the theme "The light returns – methods of internal force "
  • Fan Xiulan will provide power transmission to all participants.
  • Morning practice Qigong out in nature (weather permitting).
  • Opportunity to try out Dolphin Power, The power of peace, Rejuvenation Qi Gong etc..
  • We will have both lying, sitting, standing and walking Qi Gong during the weekend.
  • Anna Bornstein will lead meditation and talks on the theme “Our inner treasure hunt”.
  • Marie Bergman holds a workshop on the theme “Becoming friends with her nervous system, West meets East ”.
  • Marie Bergman will also perform self-composed music.


Saturday, pM 10.00 – 20.00
Sunday, pM 10.00 – 16.00
(detailed program comes for registered)

Saturday, pM 10.00 – 20.00
Sunday, pM 10.00 – 16.00
(detailed program comes for registered)


2 690 NZ in course fees (including lunch buffet both days but excluding accommodation).
2 390 SEK for seniors and for young people (t.o.m. 25 år).


Price for accommodation Saturday night and Sunday breakfast: 975 SEK in single room.
1250 del i dubbelrum, first come first served principle applies, limited number of seats!


You register for the summer camp by paying the course fee to the Biyuna Academy at pg: 601 87 34-1. Please enter name, adress, phone nr, ev. email address, summer camp Stockholm.


The earlier you sign up, the more secure you get a place. Late registration contact: Göran Jakobsson 070-712 24 64 or Biyunakademin: 08-526 94 111.


Royal Park Hotel See website for more info about the hotel


Book and pay to Royal Park immediately after you sign up for the Biyuna Academy, however, at the latest 30/6 .
Accommodation Saturday night, breakfast Sunday: 975 SEK in single room 625 SEK per person in a double room.

level or call 08 624 55 00. State “Qi Gong Summer Camp” and book accommodation including breakfast immediately after you pay for the summer camp at the Biyuna Academy!

1). In our training package (Kost o Log) includes: lunch buffet Saturday and breakfast & lunch buffet on Sunday.

If you want dinner on Saturday, order it on site:

Dinner - Two Dishes - 345 sec

Dinner - Three Dishes - 445 sec

Dinner - 3 Dishes with Wine Packages - 695 sec

All meals are first class with good quality food in the hotel restaurant. Report on the spot if you do not eat eggs, gluten, lactose, etc..

For those who do not live at Royal Park, you pay a mandatory conference fee with lunches:

2). Saturday lunch Sunday lunch: 390 kr

You pay this to the Biyuna Academy when you pay for your course.


Cancellation of the training camp can be done until 30 June, then you get back the course fee minus 300 kr for registration fee.

Cancellation of board and lodging is made directly to Royal Park whose terms are:
Until 1/7 before the summer camp – free
Until 8/7 before the summer camp – 50 % of the cost charged (d.v.s. you get 50 % back)
Later than 8/7 before the summer camp – no refund of the cost of food and lodging.

Contact info Biyunakademin:, tel 08-526 94 111, 070-712 24 64.

Welcome to a wonderful wellness weekend!
Biyuna Academy and the Biyun Association Green Dragon

Biyunakademins Wellness
Johan Enberg way 20
171 61 Solna (T Western Forest, 50 straight out of the subway exit).
08-526 94 111

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