Reseprogram April 2019 The big Island of Hawaii

Day 1:
Departure by plane from Stockholm / Arlanda. Meals and film board. Stopover and arrival to the United States the same day. (Note! we are traveling against the clock and arrive the same day).

Day 2:
* Departure from the United States and arrival to Kona in Hawaii.
*Arrival then installation Neck Farm.
meal at the Center.

Day 3 – 13:
During our time in Hawaii, we will make several major tours:
*Waipio Valley - one of the most beautiful valleys with splendid views, waterfalls o sea beyond - the opportunity to see the whales is good here.
*Naturresevaten with its waterfalls and rainforest, and a visit to the island's volcano.
*City of refugee - the holiest place on the Big Island as indigenous people,
becomes an adventure course.
Several small excursions are also included: This is about the beaches with its truly amazing marine fauna, fish and sea turtles, lokal shopping m.m.

Courses with Grandmaster Fan Xiulan and Niko Nygren - we must, among other things learn Power of Peace Qi Gong - a Biyunmetod and selected lectures for our group and Hawaii.
An extension is also Fan Xiulan will give initiations and deeper understanding of the stationary qigong. Lectures and practical exercises interspersed.

A workshop by Ilona Honig planned, she is = Kahuna Hawaiian medicine woman, the center's current coordinator, a person with an understanding of the ordinary of Hawaii's natural wisdom and philosophy, Ilona will be our guide in our great excursions.

The cost of all meals at Kaula Farm included, we take turns helping Illona with meals.

Should we add to Kaula Farm has a beautiful location on the hill overlooking the sea about 500 m asl. Private swimming pool, skilled staff offering body therapies, help own excursions M.M.. (This is the other side of the island many mil from the volcano and no problems regarding its activity)

Day 13-15:
We say goodbye to Hawaii this time and the bus will take us to the airport for our flight from Kona back home to Sweden. We stopover in the United States and Europe on the way home. Arrival in Arlanda. (Note! we travel with clock and arrive the next day).

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