cordyceps-sinensis-caterpillar-fungusCordyceps is called in Chinese Dong chong xia cao, which means “winter insect summer herb”. It is a parasitic fungus akin to truffles that preys on dead larvae and their pupae. In China, there have been stories about a legendary creature that can be transformed from animal to plant and then back again to the animals. Interest in the transformation process has been given a central place in Chinese culture for a long time considering that conversion is the basis for all life processes. This legendary transformation of cordyceps must have been perceived by the Chinese as something extraordinary and the penalty that soon we speculate about its medicinal effects can also be extraordinary. They have proven to be just that. (Peter Torssell)

Cordyceps has been a popular herb in China for thousands of years, among others due to its regulatory effect on the immune system, it strengthens the vitality and has a good effect against tumors.

Cordyceps produced mainly in China, Qinghai, Tibet, Xinjiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu, Guizhou and other provinces and autonomous regions in the snowy mountains / grass-lands.

Ten of Cordyceps health effects

  1. The control immune function

The human immune system can resist tumors, aging, fight viruses, bacteria and other microbial infections. Human tumor cells can mutate. If the human immune system works well, tumors can be avoided, but the problems with the immune system may develop a malignant tumor. Cordyceps ensures that the immune system is in top condition. It may include promoting the production of antibodies, increased phagocytosis (antibodies eats malignant bacteria), it can also affect the operation of certain immune cells.


  1. Direct anti-tumor effect

Cordyceps contains cordycepin, which is the main ingredient for the anti-tumor effect.


  1. Increase in cellular energy, counteracts tiredness

Cordyceps can increase the body's energy reserves – mitokondrisk energy, improve the body's tolerance to cold, reduce fatigue.


  1. Regulation of heart function

Cordyceps may improve the tolerability of cardiac hypoxia (lack of oxygen in tissues), reduces cardiac oxygen consumption, reduces antiarrhythmics (dysrhythmias).



  1. Control of liver function

Cordyceps reduce toxic damage to the liver against liver fibrosis (increased tissue in the liver). It also has a positive effect against viral hepatitis.


  1. Regulates lung function

Cordyceps clarifies the bronchi, counteracts asthma, is expectorant and prevent the effects of emphysema (disease in the lung tissue makes it difficult to breathe).


  1. Controls impairment

Cordyceps can reduce chronic kidney disease, improve kidney function and reduce toxic substances that produce kidney damage.


  1. The regulation of hematopoietic function (form blood cells)

Cordyceps can enhance the bone marrow to produce platelets, red and white blood cells.


  1. Regulate blood lipids

Cordyceps may lower blood cholesterol levels and improve the body's ability to dissolve fat and reduce atherosclerosis.


  1. Other effects

Cordyceps also has a direct antiviral function, regulate the central nervous system, regulates sexual function and so on. Cordyceps can have profound effects on human health. Fatigue is a very common phenomenon among the general public that can be helped. Fatigue can have several causes, that poor sleep, insufficient exercise, etc.. In order to eliminate the symptoms, we can not just rely on medication. But the discovery that Cordyceps has a preventive effect of both fatigue and exhaustion can have a significant role in many people's health.

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