The magazine Health Cruise 2019

Fan Xiulan with Biyunakademin has appeared on the magazine Hälsa Cruise for the third year in a row. This year, as speakers and exhibitors. Fan Xiulan gave two lectures on the woman's health promotion practices. Both sessions were very well attended, the first totally packed.

Fan Xiulan's lecture was richly spiced with many health recommendations to maintain their health. Both practically and theoretically. Chinese Medicine understanding how to take care of themselves is very large and difficult to convey a lot in a short time, but a few well-chosen words, you can get very far with. In addition, all try on some health-promoting movements, one can have great joy in.

Biyunakademin has therefore introduced some 300 new people to Biyunmetoderna. There was great enthusiasm about the lectures and our exhibition, where there was the opportunity to try the Comet Stone Massage and act for our health.

Göran Jakobsson and Lars Johansson kept the high tempo of the massage and about 40 people had the opportunity to try out the Sunday-evening and Monday. All very happy and some chose to buy a Comet Stone home for self-care.

Free magazine in its latest issue published an article about Fan Xiulan and Biyun methods, so all visitors had to take a copy of the magazine, which seemed like a great way to bring more light to the method and our master.

As in previous years, the Swedish Culinary Team has been responsible for the food on board which consists of a very good and well cooked vegetarian food.

A very successful event, and we want to thank Biyunakademin Health magazine for its helping hand.

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